ANIMA III - 1975-2012

For most of my friends it was hard to imagine, but now I finally sold ANIMA as I had planned before starting on my voyage around the globe four years ago.

After 37 years in the family and 21 years under my ownership, after numerous summers in the Med, uncountable hours of work, repair and maintenance, and finally after a wonderful circumnavigation full of gorgeous impressions and memories the history of ANIMA III has ended. She found a new owner who will sail her under a new name to Northamerica.

My mixed feelings with this transaction are hard to describe: On one hand I am glad to sell her at this point which for me is the right decision. On the other hand these last weeks on board, introducing the new owner on a passage through the Med, were quite tough for me. And the last step ashore, packed with memories of great experiences, difficult decisions, enjoyable encounters and exciting adventures was one of the most emotional moments in my life.

At this point I would like to thank all my friends who sailed with me on ANIMA and who also helped me keeping her in the ship-shape condition she still is. As I would like to thank all the great fellow cruisers I met in the last years all around the world. Meeting you people was a very important part of cruising life for me and I hope to see some of you guys again someday somewhere, either visiting on land or on a prsitine tropical anchorage on another boat.

the last pictures ...

  the Circumnavigation